Expansion project in Romania

Three years after the completion of one of our largest and most impressive projects, the water park “Divertiland” in Bucharest, we are currently discussing its expansion, which will consist of the perimeter installation of marble drain grates in an Olympic-sized swimming pool and a kiddie pool. Divertiland is the largest water park in Romania and one of the largest in the Balkans.

Some very flattering comments were received and satisfaction was expressed on the product quality and customer service offered by SOFIKITIS Poolstones upon the completion of the first part of the project. Client expectations were mainly exceeded in terms of security standards and skid resistance achieved with the use of pool elements made of Kavala marble.

More precisely, using the marble decorative elements of SOFIKITIS Poolstones, the highest slip resistance index worldwide was reached since the International Federation provides 45 degrees as the minimum index for wet surfaces for public swimming pools, while the sandblasted Kavala marble achieves an index of 72 degrees.

Another challenge we were asked to address was related to the large amounts of water being “swallowed” by the water park’s pool channels which result in the removal of the plastic grates or their rapid deterioration. However, our marble grates, due to their weight, the right curvature and the precise dimensions make their installation an easy task. Moreover, while in many cases the channels are not properly installed, we manage to carefully hide any construction / technical defects.