Kehlan Pools&Fountains: SOFIKITIS Poolstones new representative in Oman

A new co-operation has recently emerged for SOFIKITIS Poolstones, already leading to impressive results. Kehlan Pools & Fountains, our new representative in Oman, was founded in 2009 and it has been expanding its activities based on product quality and optimal clients service ever since. With both companies sharing the same vision for delivering projects inspired by client needs and lifestyles, the results of this co-operation will be of mutual benefit.

Kehlan Pools & Fountains is mostly engaged in the construction and maintenance of swimming pools, spas, steam baths and fountains in Oman, while their portfolio also extends to residential complexes, shopping centers, hotels and airports in both Oman and Kuwait.

Our new distributor, having been attracted by the obvious and inherent qualities of the marble decorative elements along with their adaptability to any kind of project, will actively engage in sampling and distributing SOFIKITIS Poolstones products in the local market. In such way, potential customer in Oman will be able to discover and experience the importance of the modern application of natural decorative stones in pools and Spas.

The agreement between SOFIKITIS Poolstones and Kehlan Pools&Fountains will be extended soon since the latter is going to place an order for large quantities of copings in order to ensure in-stock availability, as well as product delivery on customers’ demand.