Having more than 40 years tradition in the Natural Stone business, we have been the most specialized company all over the world for swimming pool stone decoration for the last 12 years. We export our products in more than 40 countries.

We process natural stones to manufacture customized drain grates, copings and decking, especially designed for your needs. You may either select any of our standard pool products, or request your own special design, shape and texture. Enhance the enjoyment of your pool and spa and increase its value with natural stone decoration. Our unique products promise exceptional beauty and durability, adding luxury to your living at affordable prices.




Poolstones mission is to manufacture and supply distinctively different products, offering leading edge results and innovative solutions to customers, ultimately, maximizing their satisfaction.

Over time, Poolstones has managed to establish itself as an innovating, efficient and reliable manufacturer of decorative natural stones for swimming pools and, thus to obtain a recognizable brand name, among the swimming pool industry.

Therefore, our vision is to continue the 12 years outstanding progress, as manufacturers in the field of decorative natural stones in-and-around the pool.   Full customer’s satisfaction, continuous research and development of our range of products remain as the most important dimensions of the corporate vision.

Why Poolstones?

Poolstones 40-year experience and tradition in natural decorative stones processing, as well as the internationally recognized brand have highly contributed to our tremendous growth. Having as distinguishing elements the innovation, the expertise, the modern equipment, the customer-oriented philosophy and the well-trained manpower we seek to further raise the standards in the swimming pool industry.

In this ever-changing industry, we, at Poolstones, have managed to remain committed to the values that have distinguished us as the premier leader in the swimming pool accessories industry. Values such as commitment to quality, innovation, efficiency and respect towards our personnel have been fundamental to our effort to achieve full customer satisfaction and upon them our corporate identity has been built.

1. Priority to customers

Our primary focus is on servicing customers with excellence, in order to offer them best quality products at competitive prices.  Poolstones has also earned a solid reputation as an outstanding, accessible and responsive customer service provider on an international level.

2. Commitment to Quality

In Poolstones we strive to ensure quality over the entire range of products and all services offered. These efforts are rewarded by the dithyrambic feedback we receive from customers regarding our products and services.

3. Respect towards our personnel

Poolstones relies on its human resources and always acts with understanding and respect to their needs. Being committed to meritocracy we believe that special consideration should be given to personnel’s constant training and education.  Moreover, a pleasant work environment inspired by teamwork and open communication is offered.

4. Innovation

We, at Poolstones,constantly seek innovative commercial proposals and co-operations which constitute determining factors for our overall growth. Innovation is vital to our business activities. By constantly endeavoring to manufacture and supply high quality products to customers, worldwide, and, to achieve a progressive increase of sales, and, development, Poolstones creates benefits for both customers and partners. In this way, our appreciation for their continuing support and their contribution to our outstanding progress is expressed. In fact, this growth that has been achieved mainly in the last 12 years has literally exceeded our most optimistic expectations!

5. Efficiency

All the goals set in Poolstones are pursued to fulfilment with quality. We seek more efficient ways to manage and cut down our operating costs, aiming at the constant growth of our financial figures and reward shareholders’ trust by maximizing the return on their investments. The efficiency is also achieved through the development of new business activities and the improvement of our performance.

In Poolstones we are fully aware of the fact that business development and Corporate Social Responsibility are two interdependent and mutually reinforcing terms. Subsequently, we remain committed to our overall objective which consists of reducing the environmental and social footprint deriving from our business activities.

In this framework, Poolstones is committed to adopt the universally accepted Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles as dictated by the Global Compact for Corporate Social Responsibility. Aiming to inform our stakeholders about our CSR commitments and initiatives we created a relevant manual for 2013/2014, which can be downloaded in a PDF version by clicking on the icon below.

Loyal to its commitment to advanced technologies, Poolstones has the most modern equipment for the processing of natural stones. The equipment used consists of cutting and configuration CNC machinery, smoothing machinery, machinery for antique and sandblasted surfaces, profile machines and special equipment for swimming pool accessories production.

Poolstones production rises to the manufacture of 20 swimming pools accessories per day. Apart from the production equipment, Poolstones has also invested in auxiliary machinery. In particular, for the measurement of free form swimming pools special digitizers are used to depict shapes or to produce templates with absolute accuracy.

Since 2005, Poolstones has been using specialized software for the manufacture of free form swimming pools, developed by a software engineer for CNC machinery, exclusively, in order to cover the needs for specific projects. The swimming pool is digitally entered into the system and every part can be manufactured to fit, perfectly, to its adjacent part. The size of the items that compose a swimming pool is similar, in order to eliminate differences during installation.

Poolstones records are maintained and archived for many years, so that any part can be produced in the future, whenever necessary, simply by using the project’s identification No and the ID No of the particular element.

Poolstones has managed to bring together a team of highly committed and motivated personnel. The specialized scientific personnel consists of Geologists, Civil Engineers, Architects, Export Managers and Communication specialists who along with the excellent operators of modern equipment and the craftsmen contribute to the quality service offered to clients.

The entire personnel has been extensively trained in order to acquire all the additional skills and competences required based on the needs deriving from their department. Poolstones employees are constantly subject to further training and education in order for them to be kept up to date regarding to new international tendencies in each field. It is this constant training process of our personnel which has been instrumental in Poolstones international growth.

Poolstones provides a professional environment where employees have the opportunity to develop their aspirations. We seek to employ people who are committed to working towards creativity and innovation.

If you wish to join Poolstones team in a pleasant work environment, in order to develop your capabilities and skills through the continuous training we offer, send us your CV to info@poolstones.com,  Attention: Mr. Andreas Mouzakis.