The following guide includes general guidelines.

Please contact our technical department for more specialized information according to the climatic conditions of your area.

The protection treatment of waterproofing prevents permanent stains from penetrating into the stone.

Stains are limited to the surface of the stone, and therefore they can be easily cleaned. In addition, many water types have many salts and sediments which are deposited to marble accessories and depending on the hardness of the water every now and then need to be removed.

Protection and waterproofing do not mean no-stains. Protection and waterproofing mean easy and painless cleaning. Waterproofing can be applied either at the factory at a cost, or, on site after installation, in order, to protect the joints between the accessories. Repeated waterproofing treatment is suggested when it is proven that protection has weakened, usually once a year, depends of the pool is indoor or outdoor pool.

The sea water and hydrochloric acid are the 2 most dangerous liquids that may come in contact with the marble pool accessories. Both waterproofing treatment and use of compacting liquid to a stone, may slow down the erosion of a stone from the effect of HCl, but, do not prevent it. In such way, the life of the product is extended.

Regular pH control of the pool is also highly recommended.


Sofikitis Poolstones recommends the use of the waterproofing liquids supplied by:

• Dry Treat (Australia): offering 5years of guarantee for their waterproofing quality products
• Bellinzoni (Italy): lower cost protection products offering 1year of guarantee

Poolstones pool coping waterproofing
Poolstones pool coping waterproofing
Poolstones pool coping waterproofing