Overflow Coping Systems

Overflow System Andreas (No 22)

Overflow System Andreas (No22)

Overflow Coping Systems

Overflow System No4

Finish (flat & slotted)

Pool Copings

Profile A Pool Coping

Flat Swimming Pool Coping with handling grip at front edge and precision cut rear edge (AO)

Pool Drain Grates

Profile B Pool Drain Grate

Flat swimming pool drain grate with 16 narrow slots and 2 normal rebates

Modular Drain Grates

Profile 2Z Modular Drain Grate

Flat modular drain grate pieces to fit guide framework

CH1 Swimming Pool Channel


Profile T1 Trimmer

Flat Swimming Pool Trimmer with a rounded front edge and a straight vertical cut rear edge.

Special coping profile C1H Pool Waterfall

Angular Elements

Angular caps

Swimming Pool Angular Caps

INDIA Serena Stone COPING  61Χ30Χ3 , MINIMUM QUANTITY :100 pieces , PRICE:  18€ / Piece, EXWORKS