Olympic Lagoon Resort, Paphos – Cyprus

The decoration of the swimming pools of the Olympic Lagoon Resort in Paphos is the new project that we undertook through Capershill, our representative in Cyprus. This project consists of six free-shape overflow pools to which Kavala marble elements will be added, while the marble lining of the hydro-baths, the planters and the waterfall complements the project.

As it happens with every project we undertake, we treat them with a fresh approach letting them evolve purely from the client’s aspirations and needs. More precisely, since Olympic Lagoon Resort ranks among the most impressive and luxurious resorts in Cyprus the difficulty in achieving high quality and aesthetic results is higher.

For this reason, the decorative approach that we proposed to the client is classic with modern sensibility and an emphasis on quality marble elements that add a sense of timeless elegance. It is also this combination of natural stones and water that creates a masterpiece.