UniPooL Co. LTD: SOFIKITIS Poolstones distributor in Armenia

Our cooperation with our new distributor in Armenia, UniPooL Co. LTD was inaugurated with the implementation of two new thoughtful, beautiful, inspiring, and timeless projects, always based on accuracy and innovation. SOFIKITIS Poolstones and UniPooL Co. LTD share the same vision for maximizing customer satisfaction through the supply of distinctively different products and cutting edge decorative solutions. Due to this common vision, the future of this cooperation seems to be rather promising.

UniPooL Co. LTD operates in the pool & Wellness industry offering to its customers solutions in terms of lighting, waterproofing, cleaning, water disinfection etc, having based its entire operation on its commitment for supplying customer with one-of-a-kind products. In order to further expand its product and service range, UniPooL Co. LTD has decided to entrust SOFIKITIS Poolstones with the decoration of its pool projects with marble elements.

By working closely with UniPooL Co. LTD and by being responsive to the client’s needs, we managed to put our unique blend of artistry, creativity, imagination and expertise to work, delivering this new project which combines simplicity and luxury. This particular pool has been decorated with copings and grates made of Sunny Marble.