New project and new co-operation in South Africa

The decoration of Mr. Steve Clark’s pool with our marble elements was the starting point of an important co-operation between SOFIKITIS Poolstones and Island Pools in South Africa, since it was Mr. Clark who introduced our company to the latter, resulting in a new cooperation for this full-of-potential market. Island Pools was impressed by the quality, esthetics, functionality andsustainable materials that we bring together in order to deliver exciting projects and took up the responsibility of distributing our products across South Africa.

Our new distributor’s primary duty is to link between SOFIKITIS Poolstones and the existing or new customers in South Africa, having as main mission to serve their needs, as effectively as possible. Our new distributor’s role will also be critical in increasing SOFIKITIS Poolstones outreach in the South African market, playing a major role in identifying market needs, providing and implementing high quality solutions for every customer. Not only will they contribute towards a tighter focus on customer relationship quality but they will also be a strong asset in terms of expertise.

Ás far as Mr. Clark’s project is concerned, this classic pool design has been embellished with rich elements of wonderful texture. In order to achieve a minimal visual result, we tried to design our products in a smart and functional way with special attention to detail in artful ways. A beautiful and functional pool that is integrated into its surroundings was a top priority for us. We prioritized product quality and optimal installation in order to ensure that functionality is achieved.