New Project in Israel

One more project based on accuracy and innovation is in progress in Israel, further reaffirming that when client needs and ideas meet the exceptional SOFIKITIS Poolstones natural stone products, a masterpiece results. The new project evolved from the vision of one of the greatest Architects of Israel and the company Kabin Paul has been entrusted with its delivery, in accordance with client’s needs. The curved riser is the element that stands out in this pool. Through intelligent material choice, the customer opted for Kavala marble, while curved type A copings have been also selected.

The story behind this project is rather special and funny. During the visit of the Export Area Manager of SOFIKITIS Poolstones, Mr. Kostakis, in Israel, the Architect himself instantly conceived and captured the pattern of the pool using a piece of paper and a pen. Afterwards, this pattern was sent to our in-house Architect who developed a photorealistic approach which was approved later on resulting in a masterpiece, receiving flattering comments and exceeding client’s expectations.