Laboratory flexure testing machine

This original laboratory equipment has been designed to accurately measure the flexural resistance of the marble drain grates when weight is forced against them, offering safety to adults and children when walking on them.  The results of the tests, expressed in Newtons per square centimeter, could be also expressed in kilogram per step. Nakis Construction Ltd was in charge of the design of this machine also undertaking its construction.

Two factors are enough to explain our decision to have this in house machine. Firstly, marble is a natural material and its strength varies depending on the size of each marble piece, therefore, each marble piece should undergo flexure testing in order to ensure that it meets the average flexural resistance before it is accepted for use.

Moreover, given that a large number of our products are manufactured upon our customers’ request, the results of the flexure testing enable us to apply the correct standards to our marble grates and precisely indicate which part of the grate is the safest for bathers in terms of flexure.