New Project in Mani with marble interior and exterior applications

By fusing imagination with functionality, traditional with contemporary, we delivered a new project that ignites all senses. Our latest project implemented in Mani (Greece) consisted of both interior and exterior applications such as pool decoration, decking, flooring and marble-lined bathroom, giving an aura of individuality to the overall result.

In an effort to create a continuous flow from the indoors to the outdoor space and routed in minimalism, we used beautiful eco-friendly marble products on nearly every surface both inside and outside the home, with our own modern twist on classic approach. Due to the simultaneous blurring and exploitation of distinctions between inside/outside we delivered a beautiful and lasting project that transcends the ordinary.

The value of marble lies in its obvious and inherent qualities. Its timeless elegance, the ancient feel, the adaptability to any style of d?cor, the durability and strength all make marble a logical choice for your home project.

Marble is ideal for most areas of the home, either exterior or interior applications, especially in kitchens and bathrooms mainly due to its anti-skid attribute as well as the increased hygiene and high antimicrobial protection that it offers. The latter can be attributed to the fact that marble does not allow micro-organisms and mainly fungi to adhere to its surface.

What our client thinks of us:

For the construction of a Villa with infinity pool Mani Developments ordered several hundred sqm of brushed Sunny – and polished (antiqua) Tunisia marble  in exclusive dimensions (0.84m x 0.42m – 0.78 x 0.39); in addition 55 running meters of copings and gratings for the infinity pool. In addition stairs & steps and fine basins from Sunny marble.

Pricing was favourable, the service effective and very friendly; transport – which may easily cause problems with these delicate items – was arranged in a way one would expect it in Germany or Switzerland, perfect.

Under the line – it’s not just a pleasure to co-work with Andreas and his reliable team, it also makes great economical sense.

Kardamili, 1st of June 2014

Stephan Kaske

Mani Developments