Louis Kerkyra Golf Hotel, Corfu

Our portfolio continues to evolve as we bring to life a diverse range of timeless, breathtaking projects. We are beyond thrilled with the new project that we delivered in Corfu. Louis Kerkyra Golf Hotel has undergone a major renovation recently with its swimming pools being fully reconstructed.

The project was approached with the idea of blending quality, aesthetics and functionality with new ideas and concepts that led to innovative solutions. The flattering feedback that our distributor in Cyprus, Capershill Ltd, received on the project by the customers underlined that when the needs and ideas of customers meet POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS exceptional natural stone products, a masterpiece results.

The particular shape of the pool was depicted by a local topographer and it was accented with our natural stone pool elements. The swimming pools of Louis Kerkyra Gold further reaffirm the accuracy that POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS offers in terms of produced items. With the use of specialized software developed for CNC machinery, the swimming pools have been digitally entered into the system and every part has been manufactured to fit, perfectly, to its adjacent part. The size of the items that composed the swimming pool has been similar in order to eliminate differences during installation.