Conversion of old skimmer pool to overflow pool, Glyfada

The latest project delivered by POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS consists of the conversion of an old skimmer pool to an overflow pool, which has been done quickly, efficiently and economically.

The width of the most common overflows varies from 60 to 70 cm, however, due to the limited space between the pool and the residence, the channel installation was not an easy task. Despite this difficulty, the narrowest overflow channel that POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS produces was installed along the pool perimeter and the water drainage was achieved due to the installation of 120mm diameter pipes.

The style and the approach to pool decoration that we adopted for this project is classic, with modern sensibility & quality vintage pieces, such as this exceptional drain grate model, selected by the customers to respond entirely to their design needs. Our latest grate model has been creatively conceived, imaginatively designed, looking like a backgammon dice. We expect that it will become highly sought-after by clients who want pools that feel modern encouraging simplicity without sacrificing elegance.

In that case, the drainage of the overflowing water takes place through the lateral sides of the channel, and then underneath the grate, in an invisible and completely silent way.

This successful result is also attributed to the amazing cooperation we had with the experienced pool construction company, CRYSTAL POOLS, which based on accuracy and attention to every detail during installation has helped us fulfill our customers’ dreams.