Walk-resistance measuring machine

This original laboratory equipment has been designed to accurately measure the resistance of the marble pool elements when weight is forced against them, offering safety to adults and children when walking on marble copings and grates. Nakis Construction Ltd was in charge of the design of this machine also undertaking its construction.

In an effort to ensure the long term durability of natural stones, there has been a tendency among various relevant testing laboratories worldwide to implement numerous tests regarding the bending resistance, the freeze-thaw resistance and the slip resistance of natural stones. However, none of these tests has been indicative regarding the precise resistance of a marble surface finish against the damage caused when people walk on it. POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS conceived and implemented this idea in order to achieve the long life of its products.

80 kg is considered as the average human weight. The repetitive motion and pressure that this average weight exerts against a marble surface at a pace of 100 steps per minute, can offer accurate comparative results between different stone and finish types, as well as the precise number of steps after which the surface loses its original characteristics.

Due to this additional test procedure the quality of the materials supplied to Architects, pool builders and end users will be ensured, providing to all customers the information required regarding the durability of the products and the suitability of certain materials for specific applications.