Brand new drain grate model by POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS- Model FF

Over time, POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS has managed to establish itself as an innovative, efficient and reliable manufacturer of decorative natural stones for swimming pools industry. To further reinforce its innovative orientation, the company presents its latest innovation which consists of the manufacture of a brand new type of marble drain grate, Model FF.

This new model encompasses a great number of characteristics. Firstly, it can be manufactured of marbles in any color being accompanied by a slip resistant finishing. It is also made of solid materials, whose thickness is 5cm and have undergone processing in order to deliver the final product. It is worth mentioning that this thickness is considered as rather unusual for marble grates so far.

Moreover, the innovative dimension of this marble consists of its elevated part on the external side of the channel, due to which the overflowing water is prevented from escaping, even in cases of rippling. Two different FF models are manufactured; the first one is seamless and can be installed along the pool perimeter in cases of rectilinear swimming pools, while the second one is modular and it can be placed in cases of irregularly shaped pools.