New project in California: Private overflow and vanity edge pool

POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS has recently completed one more aesthetically optimal project in California (Santa Cruz). This project implemented involved the construction of a private rectangular swimming pool with the overflow Poolstones-S type having been installed on three sides of the pool. A waterfall (vanity edge pool) was constructed on the fourth side of the swimming pool, further contributing to the overall aesthetic excellence. Moreover, the same project involved the installation of flooring with the dimensions being 61×30,5x1cm and the total surface covered reaching 600m².

The material used for this project accomplishment is California marble of Moroccan origin, with sandblast finish.

The smooth completion of the project was achieved also due to our constructive co-operation with Mr. Brad Roddick and the R. Roddick Pool Construction Company, which was in charge of the construction of the pool and surrounding area. Undoubtedly, in order to achieve a perfect result in terms of both aesthetics and security, the appropriate materials, combined with the proper installation constitute prerequisites.

This project constitutes the immediate consequence of POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS intensive efforts to expand its presence in the US market. Besides, company’s reputation as an innovative, reliable and efficient manufacturer of natural decorative stones for swimming pools, has been well established for many years.