One more iPool2013 award reception for POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS

POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS received one more prize for the iPool2013 Contest, conducted by the EuroSpaPoolNews magazine, during Aquanale, on October 23, 17.00 local time. In such way, the second phase of the iPool2013 Contest Award Ceremony was completed. The prize was awarded to Mr. Andreas Sofikitis by the representative of the principal contest organizer, Mr. Michele Ravizza.

The reception of this international prize reflects the systematic and consistent efforts made by the entire POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS personnel in order to strengthen the international presence of the company, as well as to further reinforce its international reputation, through the production of innovative and uncompromisingly high quality products. POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS even from the very first stage of the competition endeavored to mobilize and engage its partners and friends, inviting them to vote for the best pool for 2013, employing all tools provided by modern technology.

Beyond any doubt, the proper and effective communication of company’s efforts and products to its stakeholders constitutes a major difference between POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS and its competitors. More precisely, company’s efforts are not restricted to producing and supplying innovative and quality products, but going one step further, POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS invites its audience to become an essential part of its efforts.

During the event, an extensive reference to the 13-year successful history of EuroSpaPoolNews was made before representatives of European magazines of the Pool, Sauna and Spa industry.  Moreover, the presentation included a brief description of the benefits deriving from the systematic use of social media which contributes to the effective interaction between companies and their audiences.