Watercenre in Lebanon, our new Exclusive Partner

The Grand Opening of our new partner, Watercentre, in Lebanon, took place on Monday, July 29, in the Headquarters in Beirut, as planned. The 200 prominent personalities which attended the event highly contributed to its great success. POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS was represented by its Export Managers Mr. Mouzakis & Ms. Skaftourou.

During this ceremony, our products were exhibited and presented to the company’s customers and partners in Lebanon. It is worth noting that Watercentre is POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS exclusive partner throughout Lebanon, being in charge of sampling and distributing our products.

Watermaster is a Leader and well-established water-treatment company in Lebanon and the Middle East since 1981. Being highly praised for its innovative strategy, Watermaster announced the new “Watercenter” concept in Lebanon and the Middle East region. What Watermaster and POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS have mainly in common is the innovative orientation.

By clicking on this link you will be able to watch a 22 minutes lasting video from the opening of the company’s new showrooms and offices in Lebanon.