Greece, Athens 1-3 March 2013

In 2013 Pool-Spa-Green about Salon, Sofikitis Poolstones, presents a new range of wall cladding products in 4 different colors in unique features and advantages. Specifically, it is all about an antique look wall cladding made of natural stones having 2-3cm thickness and solid angular stones for the corners, and, the perfect finish of a stone built wall.
This proposal for stone cladding of walls offers not only a unique antique look to the structure, but, it is also an affordable and protective cladding solution for vertical surfaces, adding strength and prestige to the whole project.
This proposal offers solution to the problem of cladding corner walls, looking absolutely like solid stones, and ensuring all advantages of light weight, not only for the static of the structure, but, making also transportation much easier.
Among the first visitors of 2013 Salon, at the opening day, March 1, 2013, were two of our customers Mr. George Georgiou, co-founder of Capershill, Cyprus and Mr. Goutham Koka, GM of Olympia Lighting & Pools, India.