Alexander the Great, Paphos Cyprus

The material especially selected for this project, is the Sunny Gold Marble, with sandblasting finishing, except for the  jet beds that will have a smoother surface.

Pools were designed by HDC, Architects + Designers Ltd, UK in a unique and special way. Hot Springs pool is decorated with embossed coping and inside pool steps and shallow part of the pool is of Sunny Gold marble.
Kids Pool is decorated with 3pieces overflow set, having flat coping, flat grate and support trimmer, in trapezoid cut, all adjusted along the pool perimeter.
Main pool, designed to overflow into an outer channel, is decorated with 3 marble elements, giving the sense of a robust construction, due to the fact that, the seam has been made by pressing at the factory.

The project is been completed by 6 curvilinear stairs that descend into the pool from the corners, by curvilinear marble steps, illuminated with led in the front side. This  led lighting is intended to illuminate another 100 spots around the pool area, turning the nights at the Hotel into a fantasy scenery.