Bader Maintenance & Construction W.L.L: POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS exclusive distributor in Bahrain

Despite its limited geographic scope, the Kingdom of Bahrain ranks among the top 7 destinations for POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS exports for 2013. Company’s products have been distributed to three enterprises across the country with all of them operating in the Pool industry.  The company Bader Maintenance & Construction W.L.L, has recently established its co-operation with us, however, within 3 months, it confirmed the order of a second container with marble pool accessories. Given that the messages coming from this market are rather promising and encouraging, we have decided to assign Bader Maintenance & Construction W.L.L the exclusive distribution of POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS products in Bahrain, starting from January 1, 2014.

The products loaded in the first container would not exclusively cover the needs of specific projects. These marble pool elements would constitute the new proposal of Bader Maintenance & Construction W.L.L for the construction of highly luxurious pools and Spas, with authentic natural decorative stones, instead of the existing artificial decorative materials. The company has undertaken new projects whose construction is still in progress. The materials for the construction of these projects will be included in the recently ordered container.