How to remove Epoxy residues from sandblasted surfaces

For those who are involved with tiles, paving, mosaic or similar materials installation, it is very well known that epoxy glue and grout are the materials having the greatest resistance in time, but also, very difficult to be removed or cleaned from surfaces. Specifically, only  within the first 2-3 hours of  the epoxy material application is possible to remove the residues from adjacent surfaces, where it is absolutely necessary to use paper tape, as well, for protection.

Furthermore, there are high efficiency agents available, which may dissolve the residues of an epoxy material even up to 24 hours from application.

Usually, after 24 hours from application is not possible to clean properly any surface, and especially, sandblasted surfaces.

A case of bad staining of copings with epoxy materials was experienced in Hotel Alasia in Limassol, Cyprus,  while during installation the fitting team  did not used, properly, the paper insulating tape to the adjacent surfaces when applying the epoxy material, nor, cleaned the residues in due time.

This resulted one month later to an irreversible damage of the copings, just before the Hotel’s opening for the season.

Sofikitis technical team rescued, in a way, this case by using fine polishing pad, and, cleaning away the epoxy residues by slightly changing the edges form.