Do it yourself! Change your plastic drain grate with a marble one!

Following six (6) easy steps, anyone can now transform his overflow pool into a 5 stars luxury pool.

Step 1: Send us by email the shape of your pool, with AutoCAD file, or PDF, or a photo or even with a simple drawing on paper.

Step 2: Carefully check the dimensions of the existing plastic grate, both the width and the thickness, and calculate the measures of the perimeter of your pool in the case that you have not supplied us with an AutoCAD file

Step 3: Confirm your order in Poolstones by Sofikitis or to closest partner.

Step 4: After you receive the marble drain grate, stop the recirculation of the water, remove the plastic grate, and clean – wipe the L type edges on which the plastic grate was placed.

Step 5: Place the special anti-vibration adhesive tape along the «L» shape edges of the plastic grate.

Step 6: Start the replacement of the marble grate from the corner points or curved parts of the pool, leaving the rectilinear and easier parts for the end.