Poolstones Accessories & Acid Problems

The best way to find the truth, is to conduct an experiment in the real world or even in extreme conditions that only as an accident can occur.

The sea water and hydrochloric acid are the 2 most dangerous liquids that may come in contact with the marble pool accessories.

That is why Sofikitis Poolstones focused its experiments on these 2 liquids sinking a series of decorative stones in sea water and concentrated solution of hydrochloric acid 32-33%.

Stones such as Granites, Basalts, Sandstones, Slates but also Artificial decorative stones (Artificial marble and Quartzes) showed the best behavior and didn’t suffer the slightest damage. In contrast, both the calcareous marble and the dolomites suffered from great to very great damage.

The same experiments were also made on stones that had been previously soaked in various chemical solutions, as much waterproofing as compacting, to evaluate the effects of the preventive protection.

As a final conclusion we would say that with the exception of the white marble SIVEK that is really sensitive to acids, all the other materials that our company uses for pool accessories show adequate resistance for 10-20 years of safe use of the pool with relatively small variations in pH . After preventative use of Dry Treat 40 SK the strength of the marbles multiply.

However, for totally careless users of the swimming pool it is highly recommended as the stones above mentioned are not affected at all from the use of even concentrated hydrochloric acid.