Sofikitis Standard – An innovative cooperation for PreFabricated Pools

SOFIKITIS Poolstones excellent cooperation with Mr. Giora Nakache over the last years, led our companies into a new cooperation in the pool world.

All COPINGS sets, Calibrated – Pretested – Marked & Numbered – Packed in KITS for easy and precise installation to decorate prefabricated pools

Quality stone copings are offered in a selection of 4 types, flat, slim, embossed or with safety grip and manufactured out of Marble or Granite, in 4 colors selection, white, beige, light and dark grey.

A unique combination of quality and design with sustainable materials, providing easy and optimal pools’ installation with ready-made solutions to our customers.

Sofikitis Standard Coping Sets in kits, offer:

• One packing for many pools in one price

• All stones calibrated for high quality installation

• All stones pretested for strength and durability

• Pool manufacture’s logo on corner

• Sales to authorized dealers only

• 3 year limited warranty

• No need of measurements

More information at:

Sofikitis Standard / E: / T: +972-50-5515544