Zephyros Hotel, Santorini Island

Zephyros Hotel, in Santorini island, has recently renovated its swimming pool, replacing the existing plastic grate with a modular marble grate made by SOFIKITIS Poolstones. The aesthetic supremacy of marble grates over the plastic ones, as well as the increased safety that the former offer to the bathers, should be taken for granted.

Royal Marfil Engineering Marble was the material of choice. Each module has been obliquely grinded on its top side in order to align the grate with the existing lateral overflow pieces. The oblique chamfer contributes to the maximum drainage preventing the overflowing water from spreading beyond the grate. Furthermore, this oblique chamfer is highly recommended in cases where there are non-uniformities and variations in the width of the concrete upon which the existing plastic is installed.

The free shape of the pool did not cause any difficulties in the installation of the modules, given that our products can be also patterned to fit pools of any shape. This grate model is also accompanied by special software which can precisely calculate the number of modules required for each pool as well as the pattern according to which they should be applied depending on the geometry of the pool. In such way, differences during installation are eliminated.