New project in Israel made of Travertine

Being respectful to client needs and having close interaction with them constitutes the basic principle upon which the cooperation with our distributor in Israel, Kabin Paul, was built, in order to be able to deliver projects that are beautiful to the eye, pleasant to the touch and age with grace. Based on this principle, we have recently completed a new project in Israel, using an exceptional grate model, which has a curved top made of sandblasted Travertine whilst being reinforced with Engineering Marble on its underside.

The large proportion of resin (7%) contained in Engineering Marbles composition contributes to their greater flexural strength compared to all natural stones. In such way, the maximum flexural and compressive strength of this reinforced grate model is achieved. The top side of the grate is also curved and sandblasted in order to increase slip resistance and safety.

It is worth underlining that all grate models produced by SOFIKITIS Poolstones are periodically subject to compression and flexural testings in accordance with the international standards and their suitability is approved based on these results. To ensure maximum strength and durability of the pool elements, the proper installation of the items is regarded as a perquisite. In this project, the precise installation of the pieces was favored by the rectangular shape of the pool.