Lindos Princess Beach Hotel, Rhodes Island

Chatzilazarou Group of Companies, H Hotels, having innovation at the heart of its successful business, entrusted the replacement of the existing plastic grates of two swimming pools at Lindos Princess Beach Hotel to SOFIKITIS Poosltones. The reasons that led the owners of the Hotel complex to this change lie in their desire for high aesthetic results and increased security achieved through maximum slip resistance offered by sandblasted marble elements.

Royal Marfil Engineering Marble was the material of choice with our products adapting perfectly to the actual needs of the Hotel, ensuring high-accuracy installation and full alignment of the overflow with its surroundings, also contributing to the maximum compressive strength of the modules. More precisely, the oblique chamfer surface of each module facilitates the alignment between the grate itself and the existing lateral overflow pieces.

The marble module pieces are connected with specially designed small joints fitted on the underside. These modules are assembled easily and each part of the grate can be lifted by anyone. These new joints ensure the optimal application of the pieces, minimizing the gaps between the bars which are likely to occur even in cases of tight curves.

The particular shape of both pools with a total perimeter of 260 meters, is indicative that the modular grate that SOFIKITIS Poolstones produces, provides solutions even for free-shape pools. It is worth noting that the company has the ability to produce special corner pieces according to the degrees of the angle formed by the respective pool.