New overflow type consisting of 2 pieces without grate

Loyal to its commitment to offering new solutions for the pool and spa decoration, SOFIKITIS Poolstones has been expanding and evolving its product range based on customer needs and demands, creating and presenting a new overflow type which consists of two pieces and does not include any grate.

This new product captures the spirit of the past while fully embracing the present, adopting a contemporary and minimal approach which brings a fresh and innovative result that captivates the eye and engages the imagination. In that case, the drainage of the overflowing water takes place through the transverse hidden slots, in an invisible and completely silent way. A removable piece on the overflow set was also created in order to facilitate the cleaning process of the channel.

Due to the increased strength and durability, as well as the maximum slip resistance and therefore safety that can be achieved through the sandblasting process, all our natural stones overflow models are considered as the most reasonable choice for public swimming pools.

Based on quality, functionality and high aesthetics, our new overflow proposal is patterned for timeless projects that respond to client needs, providing them a level of satisfaction that exceeds their ambitions, while promoting balance between nature and art.