Conversion of old skimmer pool to overflow pool, Bucharest

One of our most impressive projects has been just delivered in Bucharest by Aquadeluxe Piscine Spa Saune, combining esthetic excellence and functionality and using marble pool elements which stand the test of time. This project consists of the conversion of an old skimmer pool to an overflow pool, with the installation of an overflow channel and the U-type grate along the pool perimeter.

SOFIKITIS Poolstones marble elements have been selected not only due to their inherent beauty and timeless elegance but also due to the effective drainage that they offer. The style and the approach to pool decoration that we adopted for this project is classic, with modern sensibility & quality vintage pieces, such as this exceptional drain grate model, selected by the customers to respond entirely to their design needs. In this case, the drainage of the overflowing water takes place through the lateral sides of the channel, and then underneath the grate, in an invisible and completely silent way.

In an effort to achieve maximum color similarity between the already existing granite elements surrounding the pool and the pool elements, we selected Grey East marble, delivering a project that ignites all senses.