New product launch at Piscine Global 2014, Lyon

There could not be a better place for us to present our latest drain grate model than Piscine Global 2014. SOFIKITIS Poolstones striking new grate model, being 19cm wide is patterned to fit any channel due to the accompanying supporting elements which ensure that the grate can be fitted equally well to a 20, 25 or even 30 cm wide channel. This new product will be on display alongside some of our other proven products so customers can see and feel for themselves the type of quality solutions we are able to provide for their swimming pool.

The feedback and suggestions we receive from our customers allow us to enhance our products, providing them with innovative solutions that seek to meet their needs. This model has been developed to address the growing demand from customers for optimal and easy grate installation.

This new grate model is installed over specially designed supporting elements which are placed on the sides of any channel, regardless of its width or depth. The recesses underneath the grate ensure optimal installation of the grate over the supporting elements regardless of the channel’s width as long as it is not wider than 30cm. Besides, 20-30 cm is the typical width for channels accounting for the 90% of the pool channels worldwide. The product is also accompanied by two lateral covers which can be easily cut and configured according to the needs deriving from each channel.

In other words, the great advantage that this drain grate model offers consists of the fact that our clients instead of ordering a grate model customized to their specific needs, they can now opt for this particular standard-sized drain model which can easily adapt to their pool due to its supporting elements and the lateral covers.