Latest Modular Marble Swimming Pool Grates Generation

A new modular drain grate model, the fifth one in the last 3 years, complements POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS wide range of modular grates. The element which distinguishes this generation from the precedent generations is the fact that it combines the advantages of both generations mentioned before, mitigating or even eliminating their drawbacks. More precisely, the new bars have increased flexural strength and the weight that can be forced against them varies from 250 to 400 kilos. The fact that their surface is larger compared to the precedent models combined with the fewer gaps does not affect the drainage capacity which remains impressive.

One side of the bar is narrow while the other one is wide. This new feature ensures the optimal application of the pieces, minimizing the gaps between the bars which are likely to occur even in cases of tight curves (eg. Spa). This grate model is also accompanied by a special software which can precisely calculate the number of modular marble grates required for each pool as well as the pattern according to which grates should be applied depending on the geometry of the pool.

The marble module pieces are connected with specially designed small joints fitted on the underside rather than a single wire. These modules are assembled easily and each part of the grate can be lifted by anyone. Finally, this is a double face grate and it is up to the customer to decide whether the upper side will be flat or curved.

It took us 3 years of research before launching the 5th generation of modular drain grates. This modular grate has been patterned to offer durability, long life, drain efficiency, safety, luxury finishing and reasonable price and it will be a major innovation within the global Pool industry due to its competitive price with the Hotel industry being the main target market.