White Orchid Hotel, Sivota

Apparently, the leads we did during HO.RE.CA Expo are still offering us a good level of return even five months after the Show. More precisely, one of the most important co-operations that were initiated after the Event was the one with the ENERGY & TECHNOLOGY Technical Office and the Electrical Engineer Vasileios Kotsis.

ENERGY & TECHNOLOGY undertook the supervision and construction of the luxury White Orchid Hotel, in Sivota. POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS materials and more precisely the Sunny Marble were used for the pool decoration and the decking.

Our work ranges from traditional to modern with an emphasis on creativity and problem solving. Using a long-lasting material such as marble which offers advanced security level especially for young bathers due to its anti skid attribute and aesthetic since it does not deteriorate nor has a fade in color through the course of time we have managed to create a timeless and artistic result.

We strongly believe that this project was only the beginning of a promising co-operation between POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS and Mr. Kotsis and his team, since the next project is just around the corner.