Gregory Hotel, Tolo

POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS has recently delivered a new project in Tolo Nafplio (Greece) replacing the existing plastic pool grate of Gregory Hotel with a drain grate made of Dionysus marble of Greek origin. The technical specification of this grate makes this product unique. Due to the defective construction of the channel already installed, the grate that we produced had to be manufactured without any rebate underneath.

Despite the limitation regarding the grate thickness/ height (22mm), POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS has managed to manufacture a durable marble product. The two sides of the top part of the grate have been installed with a slight inclination in order to be perfectly flat and therefore flush with the tiles surrounding the pool and the coping.

Another problem that we had to address was related to the need for effective drainage on one side of the pool since the water level there is much higher than on the other sides.  For this reason, the U-type water drainage was selected letting the  overflowing water drain through two hidden slots underneath the grate, on the lateral sides of the channel, allowing water drainage in an invisible and completely silent way, ensuring maximum drainage compared to transverse slots.

By listening carefully to our clients’ requests we managed to thoroughly understand their needs. And in the end, we created something both beautiful and personal.