Latest Generation of Modular Marble Swimming Pool Grates

POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS has recently launched a new innovative modular drain grate to fit both rectilinear and free-form overflow pools. The marble module pieces are joined together on the underside and can be made from marble in any colour or size.

The easily assembled modules can be installed/placed in the overflow channel by anyone and are easily replaced following routine cleaning of the overflow channel too. This modular grate has been designed to offer durability, efficient drainage, safety and anti-slip properties, luxury finish and reasonably priced.

We are offering an extended life product, with anti-slip properties, which requires far less maintenance than plastic grates and is much more pleasing to the eye too. We are also offering a very strong and safe solution for the most effective water drainage around a swimming pool.

Created using new specialized software, we can precisely calculate the number of modules required for both free-form and rectilinear pools alike.