The narrowest overflow system

The latest and narrowest overflow system in the world is made of solid marble. The inner sides of the marble channel are precision cut to let the water flow freely into the channel.  Whilst the front poolside edge is flat, with a bull-nosed top edge which encourages the water to lap back into the pool. The rear edge/back trim is perfectly flat which allows it to be flush with the tiles surrounding the pool.

The grate covering the channel can be made from a flat anti-slip marble tile with no additional drainage slots, which offers increased anti-slip resistance. This means the drainage of the water takes place through the lateral sides of the channel only, allowing water drainage in an invisible and completely silent way.  This channel also works with our other grates too.

Unlike concrete or ceramic channels, this marble channel can be cut from large marble blocks to fit free-form overflow pools, as well as standard rectilinear pools.