Brand new drain grate model by POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS- Model GG

Loyal to its commitment to innovative and high quality product manufacture, POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS has just introduced Model GG, a brand new type of marble drain grate to the market. The major innovation of the company consists of the development and consistent evolution of the modular marble grate, which serves as channel cover.

Model GG provides an aesthetic excellence deriving from the optimal absolute white colour since marble grates made of the famous Snow White Marble of Thassos are exclusively produced by the company. Safety, resistance and durability are also offered due to grate’s extraordinary thickness (5cm), despite the pressure exerted and the weight forced against it. Effective water drainage is also achieved due to the absolute separation of the successive bars of the grate, which have special shapes with curved cut on one side. Each individual bar could be also adjusted along pool perimeter either in cases of rectilinear or curvilinear swimming pools.

Moreover, these grates can be directly installed over concrete as long as the required “nests” have been formed. Installation takes place with the use of standard “combs” produced POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS, which can be placed either on the external and internal side of the bar or underneath.