Romania, Bucharest 10-12 December 2013

Mr. Sofikitis and Mr. Kostakis will be visiting Bucharest from 10 to 12 December 2013 in order to have scheduled meetings with POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS Romanian partners, with the main topic of the discussion consisting of the key-points of the established co-operation.

The Romanian market has become more “mature” in terms of marble elements commerce and distribution with our products being more integrated into our partners’ offers. Besides, Romania is the second most important destination market of our exports, with Cyprus being the first one, since the projects in which POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS products are used have been booming for the last 2 years.

Given that the already established co-operation with our Romanian partners has been built upon reliability, we, at POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS consider this business trip as the best opportunity to identify the existing needs of our partners and address them. Special consideration will be also given to the steps which we should follow in order to effectively deliver the latest projects that we have been assigned in Romania. The expansion of Balkans’ largest Water Park will also be a main topic of discussion, since our striking and attractive products have been already installed in this project.