Capershill: POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS distributor in Cyprus

Capershill has been regularly importing a large number of containers for the last 6 years and it is, therefore, considered as one of our most effective distributors. POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS oldest representative in Cyprus has recently placed a new order for an entire container with copings and grates, in order to renew its existing stock of marble pool accessories that it has been holding in its warehouse in Nicosia since 2007. The fact that our Cypriot distributor has exceeded the annual target set by 200% clearly illustrates that it remains resistant despite the financial difficulties that the country has been facing since March 2013.

POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS has assigned the distribution of its products across Cyprus to Capershill, in recognition of its consistent and successful efforts during 2013. The secrets of success are related to Mr. Ttofis and Mr. Georgiou, whose names are inextricably connected to the corporate reputation.

In particular, it is the trust and the expertise in POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS products, the recurring suggestions for product improvement as well as the personal involvement of Capershill’s co-owners in order to meet the customer needs which distinguish this company as the most effective distributor in Cyprus. Capershill is the company which has been consistently and meticulously covering the needs of the Louis Hotels chain in Greece and Cyprus for outdoor and indoor pools and Spa.