Neta Havuz: POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS distributor in Turkey

Turkey is a rapidly growing market which POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS has been targeting for the last 4 years.  The consistent efforts of the company to find a potential partner who would show trust in the products, distributing them across Turkey, through an organized partner network, have, ultimately, borne fruit. After the recent business trip of Mr. Kostakis to Istanbul, Neta Havuz has been selected among 6 candidate companies to take up the responsibility to distribute POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS products across the country.

Within the next few days, the CEO of Neta Havuz, Mr. Nebil Tambay, is expected to visit Greece and POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS factory premises in Peloponnese, in order to get to know the company better.

During spring 2014, a special event will be held in Istanbul, with a large number of Turkish Architects and Designers participating, along with the Turkish Chamber of Commerce. During the event POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS wide range of marble pool elements will be displayed, along with their advantages and their installation options.

The event will be jointly held by Neta Havuz and POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS and it will be followed by the joint participation of both companies in the International Pool Exhibition in Turkey in May 2014. These common steps mark the beginning of a new era where the Turkish market gets acquainted with the use of luxurious and authentic materials used for the construction and renovation of swimming pools and Spa.

Turkey has a long history as a marble producing and exporting country and the traditional Turkish Baths (Hamam) constitute an integral part of country’s tradition.  Despite the advanced expertise in marbles, which the Turkish market offers, Turkey has just started experiencing and discovering the importance of the modern application of natural decorative stones in pools and Spas.