Aquapolis: POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS distributor in Ukraine

Despite the fact that POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS products have been decorating swimming pools in Kiev since 2005, it took us eight years to find a company which would share the same vision with us, show confidence in our products and decide to import and distribute large quantities of them to the local market. The company Aquapolis, which specializes in the distribution of a wide range of pool equipment, has been, therefore, in charge of distributing POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS products in Ukraine and the neighboring countries through its partner network since September 2013.

Mr. Kostakis business trip to Simferopol in August 2013 led to the finalization of the first full container order, which included marble pool accessories. Mr. Vladimir, representative of Aquapolis, has also visited Greece and POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS factory premises, in order to have a complete overview of his order, just before being loaded. Earlier this month, the full container of copings and grates was delivered to Aquapolis warehouse in Simferopol. Afterwards, the products ordered were forwarded for sampling and distribution to company’s customer network, in order for the customers to get access to aesthetically upgraded products such as the genuine Kavala marble.  The first impressions were rather encouraging.

With this order, Aquapolis aims to replace all types of artificial materials used for the construction of copings and grates (cement, ceramic, plastic) with authentic natural materials which will be used for both new and renovating projects across the country.