WaterCenter: POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS distributor in Lebanon

The participation of Ms. Skaftourou and Mr. Mouzakis in the Grand Opening of the company Watercenter (Watermaster Group) was followed by the first order placement for a full container with marble pool elements. Watercenter, the Lebanese company which remains committed to upgrading customers’ life through innovative wellness solutions for the wellbeing, has been POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS distributor in Lebanon since July 2013. Watercenter emerged naturally and straight from the needs of its customers and that was the main foundation upon which this co-operation was built.

The marble products ordered will not cover the needs of specific projects. More precisely, the products will be used for the construction or renovation of pools and Spas, replacing the artificial concrete, ceramic and plastic offered within the market.  The container is expected to be delivered to POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS partner in Lebanon within the next few days.

Watermaster is a leader and well-established water-treatment company in Lebanon and the Middle East since 1981. Being highly praised for its innovative strategy, Watermaster announced the new “Watercenter” concept in Lebanon and the Middle East region.