Turkey, Istanbul 27-30 November 2013

Mr. Kostakis will be having scheduled meetings from 27 to 30 November 2013 with representatives of the five largest corporations which operate in Turkey and specialize in the manufacture and commerce of pool elements. This trip has been scheduled in order for POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS to explore the co-operation potential, presenting company’s staples and seeking to convince with the high quality products and the uncompromising approach to pool decoration.

The incentive for this market approach was given by our successful participation in the International Pool Expo “Havuz” held in Istanbul in 2012. The main objective of this participation was to facilitate our product introduction to the Turkish market, ultimately, achieving a certain degree of familiarity. Besides, “Havuz” was also a significant opportunity for POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS to get to know the characteristics of this new demanding market.

Turkey has a long history as a marble producing and exporting country. Consequently, the advanced expertise on marbles that the Turkish market offers along with POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS fabulous assortment of products will, undoubtedly, lead to success. Besides, Turkey is considered as a node which facilitates the commerce with the neighboring countries.

The record wave of tourists to Turkey along with the significant potential for further tourism development are expected to lead to the construction of new Hotels and touristic resorts or to the renovation of the existing ones. This is the opportunity that POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS needs to harness, engaging the Turkish market in order to advance its corporate mission and overall performance.