Prospective co-operation with the Russian company “FRANMER”

A delegation consisting of three representatives of the Russian company FRANMER, which specializes in the design and the manufacture of prefabricated swimming pools, headed by Mr. Igor Kulinich, has visited Greece from November 10 until today, November 12, in order to get to know POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS better. The business trip of the Russian representatives included their visit to our factory premises in Peloponnese and scheduled meetings with our personnel, with the potential of the successful entry of POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS in the Russian market in 2014 being the main topic of the discussions.

The Russian representatives expressed their satisfaction regarding the degree of innovation and the wide spectrum of the products and the services we offer. The comments related to the professionalism and the expertise of POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS workforce were also flattering. During their visit at our factory premises, they selected specific marble coping and grate profiles samples in order to finalize the list of products which will be introduced in the Russian market. Moreover, within the next days POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS Export Manager and Mechanical Engineer are expected to visit the FRANMER’s warehouse in Russia, in order to digitally capture the 50 pool models that the company manufactures and distributes to the Russian market.

The trip is expected to mark a long period of co-operation with the FRANMER company, which through its extensive partner network and its 90 retails provides more than 1,000 pools across Russia, also in the neighboring Black Sea countries. The steps of our co-operation include the information provision to FRANMER’s distributors regarding the advantages of POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS copings, the sample distribution and the order of a container with copings for the implementation of their upcoming projects.

Our common goal objective will be to provide uncompromisingly high quality and aesthetic products, in order to fully meet the needs of the Russian market.