Attendance at Conference on Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and CSR

We, at POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS, are fully aware that the issues related to social responsibility and sustainability are gaining more and more importance over time. The company since its foundation has decided to implement CSR with consistency and determination, with this commitment being grounded in value-creation potential. CSR policies are, therefore, central to POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS overall strategy in an effort to address key business issues creatively creating mutual benefits for both the company and society.

POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS Communication Officer who is also in charge for the CSR policy implementation attended a Conference on “Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and CSR”, held on November 1. The event was jointly organized by the Representation of the European Commission in Greece and the European Parliament Office in Greece in collaboration with the Hellenic Network of CSR.

CSR managers from giant multinational corporations such as Coca Cola Hellas, Microsoft and Eurobank were the key-speakers of the event, promoting their companies’ corporate citizenship, CSR commitments and policies to the audience. This presentation was followed by the extensive environmental impact analysis and assessment of the companies mentioned above, while the main conclusions extracted are related to the need for effective CSR policies adoption, since an emerging key challenge for managers is to minimize stakeholder scepticism and communicate CSR achievements without being accused of green washing.