Approval of the investment plan submitted by POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS for NSRF funds

POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS is pleased to announce another successful step for its business expansion. According to the official results of the Ministry of Development, the investment plan submitted by the company was approved among 40,000 plans across Greece.

Due to the limited liquidity and the absence of bank lending, POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS endeavors to harness all these opportunities which will facilitate its business expansion. NSRF Programs and in particular the “Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship” Programs constitute the most representative financial tool which the company constantly seeks to apply for.

This investment is related to the new product line of indelibly oxidized marbles in rare shades. More precisely, the immediate objective of the approved plan is the production of pool accessories of real marbles in rare colors, which are offered by nature either in lower quality decorative stones or in semiprecious stones. A major prerequisite for the implementation of the investment is the acquisition of the patent royalties “chromatic intervention/ oxidation in marbles” and the bespoke equipment construction. Furthermore, a precise part of the funds is expected to cover intangible costs related to market research, participation in international exhibitions and optimal design of company’s product packaging.

POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS oxidized marbles are expected to dominate the pool copings decoration since the demand in yellow-beige colors outweighs the demand in semi-white Greek marbles. This new investment is, therefore, estimated to facilitate company’s adjustment to the ever-changing global market needs.