New marble grate with extended holes

One more impressive project has been successfully implemented by POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS. The construction of this project, involved the use of the imported monochrome East Grey marble, covering all the external surfaces of terraces, courtyard, stairs, window valances and the swimming pool.

Due to the sandblasted swimming pool marble accessories, increased slip-resistance has been accomplished, being, undoubtedly, considered as absolutely essential. For the remaining surfaces (floors, stairs, window valances) the sandblasting processing with antique finish was regarded as the most appropriate and aesthetically appealing solution.

The pool drain grate constitutes the most impressive part of this construction. Apart from the absolute success that this grate (GE9B) offers in terms of overflowing water absorption, it is the first time that POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS has manufactured it by extending its holes up to its ends, resulting in an optimal aesthetic result.

In cases where the modular marble grate is also installed, the impressive result is further amplified, offering a sense of continuity, without being interfered by numerous fissures. Due to the aesthetic excellence and the effective water drainage, this type of grate will be dominant throughout the production line of POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS for 2014 hereafter.

The 5 cm thick embossed handle grip coping (GEC2) has been installed in an upward inclined manner towards the pool, being totally immersed in water, allowing the pool water to spread to the point that the marble grate starts.