POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS: Official and legitimate member of the Hellenic Network of Corporate Social Responsibility

As we have already informed you, at the beginning of August 2013, POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS applied for subscription, as a simple member, to the Hellenic Network of Corporate Social Responsibility, in order to culminate its years of efforts to fulfill its environmental and social commitments.

The outcome of the application is utterly positive given that it was accepted by the Network’s Board of Directors and POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS is an active member hereafter. The participation in the Network involves the close co-operation between the company and the other members, sharing best practices on environmental and social policies.

The step which preceded involved the issuance and publication of a CSR manual, which summarizes and presents the commitments and practices of POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS in the field of CSR. This manual further reinforced the efforts that the company has been making in order to accomplish its primary objective of creating mutual benefits for both its competitiveness and the society.