Capershill from Cyprus and its pleasant autumn surprise to Poolstones by Sofikitis

POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS oldest representative in Cyprus, Capershill Ltd, has recently placed a new order for an entire container with copings and grates. In this way, our Cypriot partner aims to renew its existing stock of marble pool accessories that it has been holding in its warehouse in Nicosia since 2007, when our co-operation started.

The orders which have been confirmed so far indicate that they will exceed the annual target agreed for 2013 by 180%. The major factor which has contributed towards this direction has been the renovation of the prestigious “Louis Hotels” in Greece and Cyprus.

This order assumes greater importance if we take into consideration the severe economic problems that Cyprus has been suffering from since March 2013. The increase in our exports in Cyprus illustrates that POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS solid international reputation as an innovating, efficient and reliable manufacturer of decorative natural stones for swimming pools, combined with the quality products and services constitute the most effective way of overcoming all the potential obstacles. Besides, we would not exaggerate if we claimed that when our customers express their satisfaction about our products and services this acts as the most effective advertising for POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS projects growth and expansion, even in times of recession.

Through these lines, we would like to thank Mr. George Ttofi, Mechanical Engineer and co-owner of Capershill, who has been showing trust in our products since 2007 and has made them equate to affordable luxury throughout Cyprus.