Aquapolis: Choosing the best representative for Ukraine

Further to the prior trip of Mr. Kostakis in Simferopol (Ukraine) for the scheduled business meetings from August 28 to August 30, 2013, POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS received the first order of an entire container of copings which equates to approximately 40 conventional swimming pools (size 8×4 meters).

Mr. Levin and his company, Aquapolis, which distributes a wide range of pool products in Ukraine and in neighboring countries, will be in charge of distributing our products in Ukraine, through his partner network.

The production of the container ordered by Mr. Levin with grates and copings made by 100% Greek Kavala marble started today and will be completed by the end of September 2013. Company’s target is those products will have been delivered to Aquapolis warehouse in Simferopol by the middle of October 2013. Afterwards, they will be forwarded for sampling and distribution to their customer network, in order for the customers to get access to aesthetically upgraded products. POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS products such as the genuine Kavala marble will be used for the replacement of the concrete and ceramic copings which are currently used, but also the plastic grates, in both new and renovated projects in their area.

There is no reservation that this agreement will inaugurate a bilateral constructive and long-term co-operation between POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS and Aquapolis, given that Mr. Levin has already proposed the expansion of the existing co-operation with joint venture production of marble pool accessories in Ukraine. In this way, the needs of the local market and the neighbouring countries such as Russia and Azerbaijan will be met. POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS and Aquapolis share the same vision for achieving full customer satisfaction.